Hazmat and chemical shipments

While many transportation companies avoid hazardous materials and chemicals shipments due to the increased risk and many regulations, Black Sea Transportation is an expert in the field of HAZMAT and chemical transportation. Not only does the company own a wide range of reefer and tanker equipment needed to perform any hazardous and chemical materials shipment, but we also have the needed licensing and insurance, which lowers the risk of damage of the delivery to minimum. Black Sea Transportation is also experienced in delivering liquid HAZMAT and chemical products that require temperature control as we have all the needed reefer equipment. As a transportation leader on the market, we have made a commitment to safety and reliability in the niche market of shipping HAZMAT freights and we strive to excel beyond our competitors and be the preferred carrier for your shipment.

Why choose Black Sea Transportation for your HAZMAT shipment?

  • Qualified and reliable HAZMAT carrier to choose for your shipment
  • Stable relationships with numerous hazmat carriers to do business with
  • Wide range of reefer and tanker equipment
  • All the needed licensing and insurance
  • Expert in delivery of liquid HAZMAT/chemicals
  • Risk of damage or liquid spill lowered to minimum
  • Safety is number 1 priority in our HAZMAT and chemical transportation
  • More than 10 years of transportation experience work for you!