Expedited freight

Time is literally money and losing one is equivalent to losing the other.

When it comes to time-sensitive freight and damage is absolutely impossible, Black Sea Transportation is the answer to all of your questions and the right company to perform your accelerated delivery.

In today’s fast evolving world where global consumption is rising each and every day, everyone wants their freight delivered yesterday. This way, pressure is raised both on shippers as well as carriers and they are constantly trying to squeeze every available drop of efficiency from their shipping processes. With our experience in expedited freight delivery, Black Sea Transportation has specialized in prioritization of expedited shipments.


Why choose Black Sea Transportation for your expedited freight delivery?

  • Fast delivery and better performance for your business
  • Direct shipping with no stops
  • Reduced risk of damage
  • Real-time delivery updates
  • Additional security of the goods being transported
  • Services all over the USA
  • A reliable network of clients
  • More than 10 years of transportation experience